Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No More Fireworks

He had no bookish traditional methodical game strategy...nothing.....yet he was a complete entertainer.....a solid player.....a smasher....a rockstar and a killer. He was like that action hero who just beats the hell out of everyone. Virender Sehwag, Nawab of Najafgarh, Sultan of Multan was that action hero. He entertained one and all. The fearless Delhi dasher destroyed every bowler he faced. 

Players debut and change their game over the period of time. The game changes the player. The game makes them mature. Viru, as many call him on and off the field, was that immature kid who refused to grow up with the time. He refused to change his way of playing the game. He refused to become mature. In fact, he redefined the game who tried to change him. 

Be it test cricket or ODI or T20, he was ready for the ball he is going to face. He really never cared much of a delivery. All he had was to hit that bloody red sphere anywhere beyond the boundary. Irrespective of a bowler, a situation, a day of a test match; he continued slamming the ball. We are a generation who live in the moment, who stay in today. Viru is our idol. For him it was this ball, this moment. If it was a bad ball, it would be smashed. If it was a good delivery, still it would be crushed. And then same was to the next ball. It really didn't matter. He didn't care for the bowler. He might have been playing on 95 or 195 or 299. All was same for him. Runs were mere numbers for him. It was just that current moment.

I guess for him batting was to enjoy. And yes, he did really enjoy. He made us enjoy it too.....his smashes, his killer sixes, his hooks, his pulls, his flicks, his smile and laughs after bashing the ball. He was a simple guy, with no complications. He was often compared to Sachin Tendulkar. During an interview a questions was asked about the similarities between him and master-blaster. "I think the height and our style of walking and holding the bat is same. But I can tell one difference. His bank balance is much higher than mine," with a laughter Viru flipped the question just like he does with a ball.

Viru is gone now. We won't see him on the ground. He has called it a day. For him it is STUMPS. For us? With Sachin, Sourav, Rahul, VVS and now Viru gone; our golden days (some say our childhood and college days) are officially over. We couldn't take one thing from Viru - to remain immature.


  1. Cool write up with Dhasu ending. Viru belived in making new ball old by hitting them brutally them out of sight, than leaving them outside off. Feeling like Mini Tendulkar & Mini Viv Richrds retires

  2. If Sachin is the Ram of cricket, then for me Viru was Hanuman ;-)

  3. If Sachin is the Ram of cricket, then for me Viru was Hanuman ;-)

  4. मस्तच. येस माझे काॅलेज डेजमधले सगळे हीरो रिटायर्ड झालेत आता, गंभीर, युवी बाकी आहेत. पण तुझ्या या रायटपने एक कानउघडणी केलीय. कोणती? सांगतो तुला नंतर... सध्या तरी फक्त वीरूच

  5. What a player he was, and yes Pushkar, the era has ended with retirement of Viru