Wednesday, April 4, 2012

CHORus school of Fraud and Forgery

On her 25th birthday, a girl asked a boy, "What would you want to be when you grow up?" The guy replied instantly as if he was waiting for this moment all his life, "I was always a thief, I am and I'll be forever. The only thing that I shall change is my designation. One day I would be the one who should be hiring thieves and other rifraff." The girl was stunned, but the boy was calm.
This revelation should not have come as a shock to the girl. He had mentioned his out-of-the-box career path to her before.

 She always wondered about his existence in this world. His reason for pursuing his profession was always a mystery to her.. But she always thought that he might have gone through hardships because of which he took to crime!

But the truth behind his choice of profession was completely different. He was living in the world where one scam a day would rise like the sun. Big names, closed one, relatives, friends, those who he used to admire, like, love were involved in those scams. "How can they make fool of other, so easily and not get caught for long?", he used to ask himself. Others used to read these scams in the newspapers like any other news.
All had learnt to live it like it was a part of life. "The world would remain like what it is today, forever," this is how they all had made up their minds. Which was quite true, but not for this boy. One day he sat on the bed with lots of newspapers, cuttings of various magazines around him. He was watching them carefully. His eyes were scanning the headlines like a piston. And at one point they stood still. "That's it! Done", he murmured to himself. That was the point where he decided to be a thief.

His ambition took him on long tours of his dreams. His vision was so strong that he actually started roaming around as if he was the boss of thieves world wide.
 He planned to build a huge school, where professional thieves, robbers, smugglers would be trained. He named it "CHORus (Pronounce CH like in 'ch' CHocolate) school of Fraud and Forgery." He believed strongly that every born species is a thief by default. "We are taught to rob and steal since our childhood. In schools, we are made to be future-literate-sophisticated-
thieves or robber. It is not necessary to be a tangible robber. Thoughts, feelings, emotions, cultures; everything is stolen from any biological matter. We don't even have our own habits. We inherit our behavior from our biological supreme. Wasn't  that a kind of thievery too?", His thought process was extremely rational .

Focus was clear, ambition was high, vision was solid, fists were clenched! He started preparing the blue print for the school. He took plenty of time to decide the goals of school and its target audience; for whom it should be made! He made academic courses- 

First Semester (64 Credits)
- Theory of Copying (8 Credits)

-  Psychology - I (8 Credits)

- Admitting the crime (8 Credits)

- Appearance and Gestures while thieving (8 Credits)

Practical/Class Work
- Attire and Copying without getting caught (16 Credits)

- Pick Pocketing (16 Credits)

Second Semester (64 Credits)
- Psychology - II (8 Credits)

- Ethics and Laws (8 Credits)

- Introduction to Weapons and Instruments (8 Credits)

- Basics of Robbery (8 Credits)

Practical/Class Work
- Jugglery (16 Credits)

- Keys and Key Structures (8 Credits)

- Using Instruments (8 Credits)

Third Semester (128 Credits)
- Advanced Robbery (16 Credits)

- Computers and Advanced Computers (16 Credits)

- Indian Penal Code - I (16 Credits)

- Introduction and Working of Various Organizations (16 Credits)

Practical/Class Work
 - Robbing (32 Credits)

 - Fraud and Forgery (32 Credits)

Fourth Semester (128 Credits)
- Team Management (16 Credits)

- Indian Penal Code - II (16 Credits)

- Organizational Behavior (16 Credits)

- Hacking (16 Credits)

Practical/Class Work
- Project (64 Credits)

....To be Continued

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