Sunday, February 12, 2012

Issues in Tissues

There was this guy traveling by local train, standing aside door. No one needs explanation about problems with that one square foot area on board. It was peak hours for local trains and compartment was crowded. If you put 100 bees in one small box, they are happen to collide with each other. Humans are not exception and so this compartment. Someone stepped on this door-guy's foot and spark stroke right there. They exchanged angry looks accompanied by arguments. Exchanging of abusing words go on and on. There abuse-ment was others amusement. It all started with small foot on some one else's and got color of lingual differences. Door guy got his friend's company for verbal war.
Initially it was for two but now it got about twenty on each side. Whole compartment turned into street fight scene. It was going out of control and making lose every one's temper. Train was in full speed and fight was in full acceleration. Verbal war changed its color and transformed into slapping. That's it! It was war now. It had become battle of existence. It was getting high and high. There went a guy out of running train and news went in media.
One foot went wrong and whole society went out of track. Everyone got into action. Allegations were made. Long march was planned against the issue of lingual differences. People gathered in ground. Door-guy was making his way to get into it and stepped on some random guy. He said "sorry boss" and got reply "its okay mate."

Moral - creating an issue out of smallest possible thing present under the sun, is inborn behavior of very individual.